Kumuk Family has been in manufacturing business for more than 200 years.. The grand grand grand fathers had always been jewelry makers back in 1800s in Caucasus in Dagestan. They were also designing, manufacturing and decorating the swords and knives . Later the Grand Father Sultan Mehmet migrated to Turkey in 1920. He continued his jewelry manufacturing business. Later Isa Avni Kumuk (mechanical engineer and artist) who was the first Turkish person to design and manufacture the first Turkish Lira Coins, started his mold making business in 1952. He manufactured thousands of medals, besides he manufactured ground to air rockets wings, many parts for Ford cars, kerosene and electric heaters, gas grills, baskets for dishwasher machines… He was a very talented and hardworking, productive, genius… Currently, With the leadership of the older brother Bülent Kumuk, the rest of the family is active in developing, renting and managing industrial, commercial and residential properties that they own.

The current CEO of MissFlora -Burak Kumuk- started working with his father in January 1995. He then wanted to follow his passion and founded the MissFlora Business in 2003 with his father and older brother. He is an Industrial Engineer graduated from Florida State University in USA. His passion for Perfumes started in 1983, when he was a teenager, where he was mixing and producing perfumes at his bedroom and selling them to his friends and even to middle school teachers. (He burned his bedroom twice in his teen years…) In 2003 he learned that he will have a baby girl. He named the company MissFlora because her baby was his flower… He combined his mold making skills with perfume making passion. And the company has been one of the leading experts in the production of its specialty products